3-6 year olds are hard at work learning to manipulate their fingers and controlling their bodies. As teachers and parents we focus on giving them opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are small movements, usually in the hands and fingers. Gross motor skills are larger movements, involving parts of the body such as legs, arms, the torso and feet.

What if I told you that guiding our preschoolers and pre-k students through a maze of specific exercises could help them learn to focus? Self-regulate emotions? Orient writing on a page? Read words? Learn new skills? Magic, right? These rooms have been implemented into many schools with great success and we’d love to bring this opportunity to our students!

At Home For Your Heart School we are creating our very own Minds in Motion room with research based activities that have been used by occupational therapists for many years. Not every child needs occupational therapy but every child can benefit from the brain development that occurs when their minds are challenged through guided physical movement.

We hope to have this room ready to use by the first week of school but we need your help to continue to offer exceptional learning to our students and families. Please consider purchasing items to donate to our Minds in Motion room through our Amazon Wishlist.

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