Our Pre-K program focuses on the skills your child needs for Kindergarten readiness. Our teachers prepare our students for the academic challenges and the environment they will encounter in Kindergarten and beyond.  By tailoring the curriculum and lessons to the child’s individual needs, encouraging meaningful learning experiences through play, and instilling a sense of responsibility, leadership, and independence during the Pre-K year, your child will have a solid foundation for academic success. Our Pre-K program not only prepares children academically, socially, emotionally, but also spiritually.

Pre-K meets 4 days per week Monday through Thursday. Half-day meets from 8:30-11:45am and Full-day meets 8:30-2:45pm.

Cost Per Month: Half day – $250 and Full day – $400

A Typical Day For A Home For Your Heart Pre-Kindergartener

  • Sight Word Practice
  • Reading and Literacy
  • Working with Letters, Language and Phonics
  • Lessons in Mathematics and Scientific Concepts
  • Handwriting and Fine Motor Practice
  • Circle Time
  • Chapel
  • Creative Art Projects
  • Exploring Thematic Learning Centers
  • Following Directions and Being Careful Listeners
  • Classroom Roles
  • Music, Singing and Dance

Pre-K Program Highlights

  • Kindergarten Readiness – Our pre-K program ensures your child is ready to enter a structured Kindergarten environment upon graduating from Home For Your Heart School. Kindergarten will bring excitement and a new sense of responsibility with homework and class roles that your child will already be accustomed to as a HFYH student.
  • Learning Centers – Our Pre-K classrooms utilize learning centers, which allow for teacher-directed activities and collaborative problem solving, while maintaining flexibility for the children to independently explore areas of interest. The centers are focused on helping develop language and reading skills, construction, math, fine motor, art, science, and sensory exploration with curriculum-focused games and lessons. Each area helps your child further explore themes and concepts introduced in class with a hands-on, interactive approach for Kindergarten readiness.
  • Full-Day Classroom Experience – Unlike many Pre-Kindergarten offerings, HFYH features a full-day curriculum and schedule that will fully prepare your child for the Kindergarten. Unlike many other schools in the communities we serve, HFYH believes that creating a habit of learning over a full class day leads to well-prepared Kindergartner.
  • Parent Communication –We understand the importance of staying connected to your child while at school. With daily updates, photos and notifications through emails and classroom Facebook groups our teachers take time to communicate the events of your child’s day. Through classroom activities, special events, child assessments, phone calls, and teacher/parent conferences, HFYH enables and encourages our parents to be an active part of their child’s Pre-K educational experience.