Your toddler loves to explore and learn the world around them through play.  Our Toddler Time program is carefully designed to encourage each child’s growing need for independence and emerging sense of self, while nurturing intellectual and spiritual growth, as well as exploration and socialization in a safe, loving environment.

Toddler Time meets one day per week. Either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 8:30-11:15am

Cost per month: $100

A Typical Day For A Home For Your Heart Toddler Time student:

  • Music, Dance, and Finger Plays
  • Consistent Schedule
  • Story Time
  • Circle Time
  • Bible Stories
  • Outdoor Play
  • Cooperative Group Play and Sharing
  • Making Friends
  • Creative Art Projects
  • Fine Motor Practice
  • Following Simple Directions

Toddler Time Program Highlights

  • Separation From Families – We understand it is difficult for a toddler to separate from their families.  Our staff will help with this transition by having engaging activities out as your child arrives in the mornings. We will lovingly hold and comfort your child reassuring them of your return.  Once your child is at ease and playing we will send you a quick communication of how they are doing. Difficulty separating is a normal stage in toddler development, but with love and consistency your child will happily walk into the classroom in no time.
  • Learning Centers –Our Toddler Time classrooms use learning centers that allow children to explore a variety of subject areas. Each center features such skills as language and reading, construction, home living, math, fine motor skills, art, dramatic play, science and sensory exploration. Each area helps your children gain independence and further explore themes and concepts introduced in class with hands-on, interactive approach for preschool child development.
  • Loving Environment –Toddlers thrive in a loving and secure environment.  Our staff provides a flexible and nurturing atmosphere that supports play, exploration, and curiosity for a positive relationship between teacher and student. Teachers build a bond with your child by learning their interest and helping them to feel safe and loved.
  • Parent Communication –We understand the importance of staying connected to your child while at school. With daily updates, photos, and notifications through emails and classroom Facebook groups, our teachers take time to communicate every piece of your child’s day. Through classroom activities, special events, child assessments, and phone calls. HFYH enables and encourages our parents to be an active part of their child’s Toddler Time educational experience.