Today would have been the last day of school for our graduating pre-k students. Although we would still like to have a graduation ceremony once the it is safe to do so, today we had a little surprise them. The teachers delivered individualized yard signs to everyone in their class. They started out early this morning with their well-planned route to each student’s home.

Drop off of these yard signs was bittersweet. Each teacher has missed their students greatly over the last six weeks, but they were ecstatic to see them again. Being able to chat for just a moment gave them all the emotions. The hugs, the high-fives, and the sweet see-ya-soons will last forever in our teachers’ hearts.

Because today would have been your graduation day, we wanted to leave you with a final thought.

A Note to the Pre-K Class of 2020: Even though the school year didn’t end the way we would have liked, we want to you to know we are so very proud of you. We know you are going to move on to kindergarten next year and do big things. You are equipped with the academic knowledge to conquer the year. You have the social know-how to meet new friends and build new relationships. You are strong and will bravely walk through those new school doors this fall. But most importantly you have Jesus in your heart and His love to go with you on this new adventure of kindergarten. Now is your time to shine and go out into this great big world and share Jesus’ love with others.

Congratulations HFYH Class of 2020!