Preschool Minds and Bodies Working Together

3-6 year olds are hard at work learning to manipulate their fingers and controlling their bodies. As teachers and parents we focus on giving them opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are small movements, usually in the hands and fingers. Gross motor skills are larger movements, involving parts of the… Read More

HFYH Graduation 2022

The excited but a little nervous students line up with their caps and gowns adjusted to a tee. I see one little girl peek around the side of the door to see if it is time yet. The parents are seated in the chapel with tissues ready to absorb their tears as their little ones… Read More

Halloween Fun

Princesses, superheros, puppies, and cowboys walking through our hallways means only one thing. It’s Halloween! It was a week of pumpkin exploring, trick-or-treating, parades, and parties. Enjoy the pictures from our week below.

Fall Family Picnic 2021

The Fall Family Family picnic is one of our most loved Home For Your Heart events. When the pandemic hit in 2020, we were disappointed to be unable to move forward with our beloved family picnic. As sad as that was, we were thrilled with the possibility of having it this year. With some stipulations… Read More

The Real Superheroes of the Year

Our HFYH teachers are pretty amazing! In fact, all teachers are pretty amazing. In a year that threw every modern-day human in for a loop, teachers had to be more flexible than ever before. From wearing masks or face shields all day to keeping their class isolated from all the other classes, teachers have been… Read More

All About Toddler Time and Jumpstart

Home For Your Heart School has two unique early learning programs that focus on the youngest learners. Both of these programs are specially designed to promote the growth and development of one and two-year-olds. With toddlers and two-year-old’s growing need for independence and an emerging sense of self, these programs nurture each child’s intellectual and… Read More

Reading at Home with Your Preschooler

Children love to hear stories and to have books read to them. Reading to a child opens their imagination to all sorts of possibilities. Not only does it set their imagination soaring, but it also builds their vocabulary, gives them new understanding to things outside their little world, and gives them the foundation of how… Read More

5 Ways to Enjoy Easter this Year

Easter is going to look a little different this year. Traditionally, we sit next to our church family on Easter Sunday, gather with grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and cousins for Easter dinner, and go to big Easter egg hunts with friends. Even though it’s disappointing not carrying out our normal traditions, there is still a… Read More