The excited but a little nervous students line up with their caps and gowns adjusted to a tee. I see one little girl peek around the side of the door to see if it is time yet.

The parents are seated in the chapel with tissues ready to absorb their tears as their little ones are about to finish one chapter and begin the next. Some of the students have been at Home For Your Heart since they were one year old. Others have only been here for Pre-K, but it doesn’t matter; the day is still bittersweet.

Mrs. Nicki begins the ceremony, and pop and circumstance soon follows. The Pre-Kers walk down the aisle confidently and find their way to the stage. They sing and dance to their well-practiced songs. It’s impossible not to smile at the cuteness in the front of the chapel.

Once their songs are complete, they officially graduate as Mrs. Nicki calls their name; and their teacher gently puts their metal around their neck. Each student faces their parents proudly.

The ceremony begins to wind down as the class video plays. Every eye that was dry is now wet with tears as the video reminds us how fast these little ones grow. The song, “Let Them be Little” will cue the tears every single time.

The Home For Your Heart song is sang one last time. It is a reminder to us there is always a home for our heart in God’s house.

Blessings to the HFYH Class of 2022. May God go before you on your journey ahead. May you always remember His love is bigger than all else. And may you always remember the teachers and staff at Home For Your Heart will always love you.