Coyote Chris from Silly Safaris came to Home For Your Heart today to show us some of God’s creatures. He brought a bunny, a blue-tongue lizard, an owl, a tarantula, a milk snake, a tree frog and a coati. Each animal had a silly name and Coyote Chris was pretty funny when he introduced each one to us. He made us laugh and giggle for an hour with his animal shenanigans.

Several students were chosen to come up to the front to help Coyote Chris with his animals. Many of the students were able to touch the animals he had, but a couple of them got to hold the animals too. Camden was super brave and held the snake. Tinley was also incredibly brave by helping Coyote Chris pull the silk out of the tarantula!

The Jumpstart students were able to see the show when Coyote Chris went over to main campus. He took each animal around to all the kids so they could touch them. Most of them had no fear and touched all of them.

Throughout Coyote Chris’s show, he reinforced the bible story of Noah’s ark. He reminded the students how God took two of every animal on his ark. He also told them how God loved all his animals and didn’t love one animal more than another. Noah had a big job of putting two of all the different kinds of animals on the ark, but he did it. Then after the rain stopped he let the dove go to find land and the dove brought back an olive branch.

We loved watching Coyote Chris with Silly Safaris. We are happy he was able to make the trip from Indianapolis to visit us. Ask your child what they learned today and what their favorite part was when Coyote Chris was here.