Home For Your Heart School has two unique early learning programs that focus on the youngest learners. Both of these programs are specially designed to promote the growth and development of one and two-year-olds. With toddlers and two-year-old’s growing need for independence and an emerging sense of self, these programs nurture each child’s intellectual and spiritual growth in a loving and structured environment.

Toddler Time

Our Toddler Time program is for children who will be one year old by August 1st. This class meets one day per week either on Mondays, Tuesday, or Thursdays from 8:30am to 11:15am. During this time the toddlers have a full morning of exploration through a consistent schedule of carefully constructed activities that support their ongoing curiosity and cognitive development.

What a day in Toddler Time looks like:

  • morning drop off with floor activities
  • wagon ride outside on warm days and inside on cold or rainy days
  • prayer and snack time
  • story time and circle time
  • cooperative group play and sharing
  • sensory exploration
  • bible story
  • creative art projects
  • fine motor practice
  • outdoor play
  • parents pick-up from the door


Home For Your Heart’s Jumpstart program is for children who will be two years old by August 1st. Jumpstart classes meet two days per week on either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. While at school we take the natural curiosity of two-year-olds and develop lessons and activities to create a love of learning with a hands-on approach. From the moment your child walks into the classroom doors until they walk out, we are intentionally cultivating their independence and self-confidence while they play and learn.

What a day in Jumpstart looks like:

  • morning drop off with table and floor activities
  • circle time
  • story time
  • learning centers
  • fine motor practice
  • creative art projects
  • fine motor practice
  • bible stories
  • sharing and clean-up
  • snack time
  • making friends
  • outdoor play
  • outdoor learning
  • songs, finger plays, and music
  • parents pick-up through a carpool line

Separation, Communication, and Potty Training

Both Toddler Time and Jumpstart teachers understand separation from families can be difficult for this age group especially at the beginning of the school year. We take a loving approach to help transition your child through this phase by comforting and reassuring them of your return. While separation hardships are a normal part of development at this age, with love and consistency your child will walk into the classroom with ease in no time.

Communication between school and home is very important to us. Your child’s teacher will keep you in the know with updates, photos, and notifications through emails and Facebook group posts. We communicate every part of your child’s day. With classroom activities, special events, child assessments, and phone calls, we encourage families to be an active part of your child’s educational experience.

Although children do not have to be potty trained when they enter Toddler Time or Jumpstart, it is an important milestone we encourage daily. Once students show interest at home our teachers will work side-by-side with you to ensure your child feels confident as they master this new skill with consistency.

Home For Your Heart School’s Toddler Time and Jumpstart programs are a great way for your child to be introduced to the beginning steps of school. By learning independence, how to be a good friend, and being in a loving environment it will help prepare them for preschool, pre-k, and beyond.

To learn more about all the programs Home For Your Heart School has to offer, please visit our website at http://www.hfyh.org