Our HFYH teachers are pretty amazing! In fact, all teachers are pretty amazing. In a year that threw every modern-day human in for a loop, teachers had to be more flexible than ever before. From wearing masks or face shields all day to keeping their class isolated from all the other classes, teachers have been through the wringer of change and had to conform to the new normal quickly. But guess what?! From my administrative perspective, they have done it all with lots of joy.

You see, teachers were just happy to be back in the classroom with their students this school year. The lack of connection during quarantine was not beneficial for students or teachers alike. Students thrive on relationships with their peers and their teachers. They thrive on routine and schedule. To have those connections back meant teachers would do anything to make it happen. Teachers are superheroes for our children. They are superheroes of our schools too.

This week our school celebrated the real superheroes of our school. Parents showered them with treats, foods, and small gifts to show them just how incredibly important they are to their children, to their family, and to our community. Children come to school to learn what they need to know for the next level of their academic journey, but they leave school at the end of the year with so much more knowledge than just academics. They leave with the security that they are loved. They are loved by the superheroes that would bend over backward to see their students succeed, thrive, and be happy. Hats off to you dear teachers! We (parents, administrators, and the community) are forever grateful for your time and dedication to this future generation. Our appreciation for you is endless.