Chapel had a powerful message today. It was the message that surrounds the entire Easter holiday. Today the students learned that Jesus washes away all of our sins (or bad choices). We only have to ask Jesus in to our hearts and ask Him for forgiveness.

Mrs. Nicki started off chapel with an experiment that showed us how Jesus can wash away our sins. She had a big bowl of clear tap water and she explained to the students the bowl of water is their life. “When a person is born,” she says, “they are born with clear, pure water in their life, but as they grow they sometimes make poor choices (or sin). That sin begins to fill up in our lives.” At that time, Mrs. Nicki dropped red food coloring into the bowl of water. The water quickly turned red. She showed the students the bowl of red water. “But when you ask Jesus to come into your life and your heart he will wash away your sins.” Mrs. Nicki pours liquid bleach into the bowl to represent the way Jesus will get rid of the sin. The red liquid slowly began to turn clear again. The students were in awe of her experiment.

Moving on to where her story left off last week. Nicki reminded the students of Jesus’ last supper with his disciples (or Jesus’ helpers). She reminded them that one of his friends and helper was going to tell on him or betray him. That’s just what Judas did. Judas told the soldiers where Jesus was at and the soldiers came and got him. Showing the students a whip, nails, the vinegar water given, a crown of thorns, and the cross where Jesus hung, Mrs. Nicki shared with the students about the day Jesus would die on the cross. She was very clear that all of it might sound a little scary, but that this is a good story with a very happy ending. She told them how soldiers drug Jesus to the tomb and put a huge rock in front of it. The story was not over because in three days three women came to the tomb and saw the the huge stone was rolled away. Mrs. Nicki told the students that Jesus was not there. He was in heaven sitting next his father and that one day they too can sit with Jesus in heaven. They only need to ask Jesus into their hearts.

Mrs. Nicki ended chapel with a prayer. The students were then able to come see all the items used on Jesus’ last day on earth. They also saw that the water in the bowl was completely clear of the red food coloring.

If you or someone you know is looking for a church to attend on Easter, Blue Grass has Easter weekend services on Saturday, April 20th at 5:30pm and Sunday, April 21st at 8:10, 9:30, and 10:50am with children programming on Saturday evening and Sunday at 9:30am and 10:50am. We would love for you and your family to join us!