In August they came to us unsure, but eager to learn. On Thursday they left us confident and ready– ready for the next step, the next adventure. Graduation day is a bittersweet day filled with many emotions.  These emotions range from joy of observing the success of their growth throughout the school year to sadness of the reality that our students are leaving us to pursue their next academic journey.

At Home For Your Heart School we had three different programs to recognize our graduating students.  First on the event were our Toddler Time and Jumpstart classes.  Toddler Time had school bus themed wagons to showcase their 18 singing and dancing toddlers. 

Once the toddlers were released to their parents, our Jumpstart students walked in the sanctuary showing off their perfect preschool line they practiced all year.  Jumpstart stood on the risers and sang three songs that displayed what they learned in the past nine months. 

Preschool was up next to sing for their family and friends.  Preschool filled the risers and the stairs on the stage.  They sang their hearts out for their parents and grandparents.  With many animated students in the front row, preschool declared you must “Go” and tell the story of Jesus and His love.

Then evening came.  The long red gowns and square caps were put on each pre-k student.  The tassels were checked to be on the correct side. Waiting patiently, the students lined up for the big evening they’ve rehearsed for weeks.   

Pomp and circumstance played as pre-k steadily walked behind their teachers to the stage.  The standing room only crowd had all eyes and cameras on them.

Once they were down the aisle, our 90 pre-k students filled every part of the stage.  Their voices overflowed the room with joy during each of their five songs.  After the songs were sung and the picture slide show played, it was time for each pre-k student to be recognized.  Their teacher called their name and Mrs. Nicki and Mrs. Stephanie put their graduation medal around their neck.

Finally it was time for the last song, the song that represents our school name.  The Home For Your Heart song was sang by those sweet pre-k students and at that point there was surely not a dry eye in the church. Pastor Doug ended the evening with a prayer.  Then pre-k went back down the aisle with big smiles on their faces, high fives to families, and a certain spring in their step because now they are no longer pre-k students, but big kindergartners.

We pray God will bless our students in the coming years.  We asked God to watch over them and go before them both academically and spiritually.  We pray they will always have a home in their heart for Jesus and pray as they go out into that great big world they may share the love of Him with everyone.