The first day of school can bring jitters for little ones and for parents too.  At Home For Your Heart school we always expect to see some tears on the first day.  Our teachers are there to help guide your child through the first couple of days and sometimes weeks of separating from you. We want to convey to your child they are safe and they are loved.

What We Do to Help Your Child Overcome Their Jitters

When your child walks into school each morning you will be greeted with a warm welcome.  In the hallways you will be greeted by Mrs. Nicki, Mrs. Stephanie, Mrs. Misty, or Mrs. Michelle.  At the classroom doors you will be greeted by your child’s teacher.  Some of our teachers will have welcome rituals, such as a high five or a hand shake.  Others will ask about your child’s weekend or something that interest them.  As your child walks into the classroom there will be a fun and interesting activity for them to become engaged in.  Our teachers intentionally plan these activities to help ease the transition at drop off.  Once the first day of school begins, teachers will be reading special books and talking about all the exciting things they will be doing during the school year.  This will help your child know school is a fun place to be.

If your child comes in the classroom upset and unsure, their teacher will sit with them, hold them, and reassure them of the great day at school they are going to have.  Your child’s teacher will also remind them that their mom and dad will be back to get them in a few hours.  One thing that many parents fear is that their child will cry all day.  Almost all children become comfortable within minutes of their parents leaving.  They become busy with their new friends and playing in their new classroom.  If your child continues to be upset for a long period of time, we will call you.  We want your child’s school experience to a positive one from the very beginning. 

What You Can Do to Help Your Child Overcome Their Jitters

Before the first day of school talk with your child about what to expect.  Remind them how they met their teachers at Back-to-School Night.  Tell your child what they looked like and that they were so nice.  Keep all your words about preschool light and positive. Even if you are having your own feelings of anxiousness about dropping your child off at school, don’t let them know or feel your worries.  Once you have arrived at school on the first day, make your goodbyes to your child short and sweet.  An example of a short goodbye would include a hug and kiss, a quick reminder of the great day they will have, a promise you will be back to get them, and then go.  Keeping your goodbyes simple and quick everyday will help your child to know what to expect.  As the first day goes on, take a peek at your teacher’s Facebook group or classroom app. Many teachers will add pictures on the first day to assure parents everyone is doing well.  Finally when it is time to pick your little one up, greet your child with a smile and ask about their day.  Don’t dwell on how much you missed them, but keep the conversation about the day and the excitement of going back. 

The first day can bring jitters for everyone. It is a normal process of growing up.  Please know the staff at Home For Your Heart is prepared and confident the first day is going to be a great day!