Butterflies, spiders, and ants…oh my! Our first week of camps began this week with Bug Camp and Experience in Color Art Camp. Students in Bug Camp learned more about a variety of bugs, while students in Art Camp learned more about mixing colors and creating art.

Bug Camp

At the beginning of the week, Mrs. Andrea’s students went on a bug scavenger hunt and also collected items to make a bug hotel. They collected leaves, twigs, and other items outside to contribute to the hotel. Throughout the week they learned about ants, bees, butterflies, and more.

Mrs. Jennifer’s students learned facts about different insects and compared those facts with what the students already knew. After learning a little more facts, they went outside looking for spiderwebs and found several interesting ones. Once they located a web, they used cornstarch and adhesive spray to take the spiderweb home. The next day, her class did an experiment with ants to see what food the ant would go to first. Out of pretzels, a cookie, and a cheese stick the ant went to the cheese first…who knew?

Both sections of Bug Camp ended their week with the bug man from McMahon Exterminating. The bug man talk to the students about bugs they would see here in Evansville. He brought a collection of bug boxes for the kids to check out. Some of the bugs were big and some were tiny. The highlight of the bug man’s visit was when he had the teachers hold real hissing cockroaches! Mrs. Becky and Mrs. Kristie walked around with the roaches and let the kids touch them.

Experience in Color Art Camp

Experience in Color Art Camp was a week filled with learning about colors and 2D art. The students created many masterpieces using several different tools and colors. At the beginning of the week, they made a color wheel and learned how to mix colors. Mrs. Amanda used nail polish and water to make a really cool art piece. She simply poured a small amount of nail polish into water and then dipped a canvas into the water. Once she pulled the canvas out, it showed a beautiful mix of colors. They also mixed paint colors to make flower canvas art. They made more flowers by stamping cut up fruits and vegetables.

Self portraits were made at the end of the week. Mrs. Angie traced the outline of her students and the students colored their outline with crayons. The art camp classes also made an abstract self portrait. Their self portraits were sectioned off with different shapes that the students painted.

Both camps had a wonderful week of learning and fun. We have two more weeks of camp coming up. If your child would like to join us next week for Cooking Camp or Spy Camp, follow the link listed below. On our third and final week, we will have Hands-on Art Camp and Around the World camp. If those camps are an interest to your child, follow the link below to register. We would love to see you for both of the upcoming weeks.

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